LEGO IT on YouTube!

It’s that time again!

My latest short stop-motion film is up on YouTube, I’m sorry for the amount of time it took me to put more content out but I have been pinned down with time recently since University has started up again.

Anyhow, enjoy the video, feedback is much appreciated!




‘…Can you smell the circus Georgie?’

Pennywise 2Pennywise 3Pennywise

Three different faces for Pennywise from the 2017 rendition of It.

These are all for a little project that I have in the works as a fan-film for the new movie. I really liked the way these came out and hopefully I’ll be able to print them! Unfortunately I will not be giving the designs away but I may try and find a way for future designs to become available to people.

Keep updated with my blog, Flickr and YouTube for when the film is out, until then…

You’ll float too.


So there hasn’t been any content recently at all and there is a reason for it… I’ve been on holiday!

Me and my girlfriend have gone on a nice break away to Fuerteventura.

We’ll be back soon and I’ve got some projects underway ready to be continued with right away. Stay tuned for some awesome content 😋

Lone Rebel: VFX Breakdown

Take a look at the before and after!

Here’s a BHS look into the layers of effects that are involved in the final scenes of the film. As it is a very effects-heavy piece, I thought it’d be interesting for people to see what goes into each shot.

Miami Justice

Miami Justice.jpg

Three words. Eighties. Cops. Badassery*.

*(Badassery is a word I’ve just came up with to describe the new project)

Basically my new project is going to be a buddy cop short called Miami Justice.

I’m still figuring it out in pre-production and hope to get all sorted so I’m ready to get filming, I’m hoping for this one to be less effects heavy than Lone Rebel was. However I’m not going to short out on the action. I’m hoping for this project to kickstart weekly films and again push more publicity for my channel and networks so that people that are interested in my work don’t miss out on anything!