Anakin Vader.jpg

Soooooooo… recently I decided to try and see out a few concepts that I had in my head regarding Jedi and Sith tunics and such through the use of minifigure capes and fabrics. This led me to

I thought to try and add a more realistic look to the minifigures I’d try and amplify their tunics with real cloth pieces. I haven’t showcased much in these two figures but I feel they sell the effect a bit more than what just printed legs can ever do. I figured combining this with the new dual-moulded legs would bring a lot more realism to the character and be much more pleasing to the eye than bog-standard printing.

Brickfilm updates

So this week has been a slow week for my upcoming Star Wars brickfilm. I have spent a lot of time trying to find the right music to use for the film and put production on a very short hold. I’m also currently planning out how the rest of the film will look. It will be coming out shortly, just a slow week in the process of making it.


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