A Warm Welcome!

Welcome to The Tenacious Brick!

Keep an eye on this page as well as the YouTube channel as well as the Flickr page. More content is coming shortly.

This blog will be the bridge between both platforms, the YouTube channel will hold (hopeful) animations as well as tutorials whereas Flickr will be a platform for pictures such as MOCs, minififures and general picture based content.

Make sure you keep coming back as this blog will be updated very regularly, aiming for at least a new post every few days/ week.

Many thanks!


Twitch & The last 9 months

So it’s been a while, a long while.

The last time I updated this blog was back in November of 2017, this marks almost a year from today’s date (21st October 2018). This blog was originally meant to be an extension of my social channels to reflect a more in-depth insight to my productions.

However, I haven’t quite fulfilled my original intent.

My last upload on YouTube was my THAC XV entry “Corn Season”Which I am very grateful for receiving second place for. Since then I have only played around with LEGO animation and tested techniques while I was concluding my studies at University. I also relocated and moved to a different city which also impacted my inactivity. When I finally had things somewhat set up I attempted putting together a short piece which became “Twitch”. I wanted to explore an original theme while producing a dystopian sci-fi narrative. I spent a few weeks filming though my personal life made it hard to continue with the film. After halting production, I stepped away from LEGO and stop-motion in order to follow other creative ventures.

Fast forward to today, I decided to compile the footage of “Twitch” and release a compiled edit as an unfinished film. I felt that this was best as I do not want to hold myself back by an incomplete project. I do love the concept and ideas of the film and would be very open to continuing a further story.

If you haven’t seen Twitch, watch it here:

Sooooo… what’s next?

I want to become a lot more active within the community like I once was/ once had planned, creating regular content and continuously involving myself within the brickfilming world.

I look forward to my future projects and getting back in the saddle!

LEGO IT on YouTube!

It’s that time again!

My latest short stop-motion film is up on YouTube, I’m sorry for the amount of time it took me to put more content out but I have been pinned down with time recently since University has started up again.

Anyhow, enjoy the video, feedback is much appreciated!



‘…Can you smell the circus Georgie?’

Pennywise 2Pennywise 3Pennywise

Three different faces for Pennywise from the 2017 rendition of It.

These are all for a little project that I have in the works as a fan-film for the new movie. I really liked the way these came out and hopefully I’ll be able to print them! Unfortunately I will not be giving the designs away but I may try and find a way for future designs to become available to people.

Keep updated with my blog, Flickr and YouTube for when the film is out, until then…

You’ll float too.


So there hasn’t been any content recently at all and there is a reason for it… I’ve been on holiday!

Me and my girlfriend have gone on a nice break away to Fuerteventura.

We’ll be back soon and I’ve got some projects underway ready to be continued with right away. Stay tuned for some awesome content 😋